Fiona Thieme Translations

my name is Fiona Thieme. I am working as a translator in Hamburg.

Currently: available


I offer the following language pairs:

Portuguese - German
English - German
French - German
Italian - German
Spanish - German
German - Portuguese
English - Portuguese
French - Portuguese
Italian - Portuguese
Spanish - Portuguese
Portuguese - English
German - English
French - English
Italian - English
Spanish - English

I will gladly offer further language pairs after checking the text genre.

The following fields are my home:

  • Literature
  • Localization (apps, websites, user manuals)
  • Poetry and fiction
  • Tourism and travel
  • Cinema, film, television, theatre
  • Cooking, Culinary
  • Economy


The price of the translation is always individually based on urgency (particularly tight deadlines require tight management, which I of course try to make possible at all times), text genre and also language pairing.
I will be happy to make you a very individual offer, which you cannot refuse.

Generally speaking, the price per word will be between EUR 0.12 and EUR 0.40.
Basis is the source text (as a Word file)

Here, too, I am happy to provide individual cost estimates, as the general conditions vary.

I am happy to accept orders for consecutive interpreting.

I will be offering simultaneous interpreting from April 2021.

About me

Already in school days I took over the role of a translator for my parents during our holidays in France due to my good knowledge of French. There appeared my great and everlasting passion for foreign cultures and their languages.

When I was young, I came across the Portuguese language, which I quickly gained access to and learnt in Brazil after finishing school. After the three months I spent there, I had the big dream of studying this language and culture.

10/2010-01/2014 I studied Portuguese (BRA) at the University of Hamburg.
Especially during my two semesters abroad in São Paulo, I took courses and seminars in: Translation techniques, commented translation and literary translation with prestigious professors and translators such as Dr. Joao Azenha Jr. and Prof.Dr. Tinka Reichmann, and always completed them with good to very good results.
I also dedicated my bachelor thesis to the subject of translation.

As you can easily see, language is my great passion.

I am currently in further training as a translator and interpreter at courts and authorities and intend to be authorized for the Portuguese language around 2021.

Through my knowledge of other languages I have a broad portfolio that I can fall back on, so I never get bored :)

In my very valuable free time I like to do sports like cycling, jogging, crossfit and yoga. In addition to that, there is my band Thiem.Wunder and the choir in which I have been singing for years now.
From this I draw out my strength and positive energy and enjoy quiet minutes in meditation to sort out all stimuli from outside.

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